Mojito Frapé

Mojito frape

The Mojito is pure cuban flavor. Mixture of strong and natural flavors. Ecstasy for the palate and the senses. Created from a distinctive drink inside the Cuban cocktail bar, the Mojito Frapé stands out with its own style within the cocktails of the Restaurant La Concordia. Along with the classic components like peppermint, water, sugar, lemon, Ron Blanco, the special touch of the house is incorporated, obtaining a singular version.

Mojito Frapé preparation
Mojito Frapé preparation

Created in Cuba at the beginning of the 20th century, some specialists comment that the Classic Mojito is a variation of several very famous cocktails in Havana at the time. According to the Cuban journalist Ciro Bianchi in one of his chronicles:

“Fernando G. Campoamor, rum historian and author of this delightful book, “The Joyful Son of Sugarcane”, said that the mojito was a derivation of draque or drake, a compound that until well into the nineteenth century was very requested in Las Antillas.
In 1910, the mojito began to be known in Havana. Later, when La Concha beach is opened, on the beach of Marianao, the mojito becomes the signature cocktail of the installation. They have told the writer that there were two counters in the bar. One of them, exclusively for the mojito, and the other for everything else. From La Concha, the mojito jumps to the bar of the Hotel Florida, where it is assumed by a bartender known as Maragato. From there it goes to La Bodeguita del Medio.”

Precisely, in La Bodeguita del Medio, this Cuban cocktail reaches its maximum splendor and worldwide recognition. Across the Island bars and restaurants keep it within their proposals.

Preferred and praised by many visitors to La Concordia, the Mojito Frapé is a refreshing option in this hot summer, and even more special if you enjoy it in good company, watching one of the best views of the city.

Classic Mojito Recipe

Serving Mojito Frapé
Serving Mojito Frapé

Pour lemon juice and a teaspoon of sugar into a glass. Add peppermint, and macerate the stem, not the leaves, with the intention that your juice mix well with the other ingredients. Add line and a half of white rum. Stir the mixture and incorporate two to three ice cubes. Fill with mineral water until filling the glass, and finally garnish with a sprig of peppermint.

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