Daiquiri, purely Cuban!


Every traveler who visits Havana wants to try one of Ernest Hemingway’s favorite cocktails.

The restaurant La Concordia is one of the places in Havana where the visitor can taste a delicious Daiquiri. Typical of Cuba, this cocktail of international renown, combines pure Cuban Rum, sugar and lemon juice. Its simplicity does not tarnish the prodigious experience of tasting it to the rhythm of a son or a guaracha. Undoubtedly Havana nights are more beautiful after the wonderful delight of this exceptional drink.

With elegance and professionalism our bartender prepares this cocktail every day for the most demanding visitors and even for the newbies who risk to be forever enraptured by its charms.

This cocktail combines pure Cuban Rum, sugar and lemon juice.

How to prepare the Daiquiri cocktail?
Daiquiri cocktail ingredients

45ml by Ron Blanco
30ml of lime juice
15ml of syrup or 50gr of sugar
Lime bark

Daiquiri cocktail preparation

Prepare the syrup, mix 125gr of white sugar with 250ml of water and boil it until the sugar is dissolved. Store in refrigerator until use.
Mix the ice, the White Rum, the lime juice and the syrup in the shaker and stir well.
Strain into the cocktail glass. Decorate with lime crust.

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